Sweet Moments

Inviting me into your everyday life and often vulnerable moments is never something I take lightly. I enjoy observing the sweetness of each family behind the viewfinder of my camera. It's easier for some people to "let go" and be themselves than others but the outcome is always the same: authentic moments captured. Once you start engaging in your daily activities and the things that you find to be your "normal," its easier to settle into your traditional roles and at the same time forget that I'm with you. Mostly I'm standing back and photographing how each moment unfolds while occasionally asking for the attention of a particular person or the whole family. If one person or the collective family is still struggling to be in the moment, I will guide and help facilitate a specific activity or pose. Ultimately though, I want this to be as much about your family as possible. 

 This beautiful family was so welcoming and oozed love for each other. It felt like they didn't even notice I was there with them. Their love for each other has grounded them and developed strong sense of "home" for their kids. It was a joy!