No Time Better Than the Present

For some, that same home that they brought their newborn baby home to isn't the same one that same baby will someday leave to go to college.

For many of us, our current home isn't our forever home. 

It's perfect for where we are now in our life or we know that someday jobs will require us to relocate. And for that very reason, it's imperative to show them "this is where I held you when you needed snuggles." Even though my oldest is only 6 years old, I can't remember the specifics of how his room was decorated. I need pictures to remind me of certain cute things that he would do.

I'm telling you, you will always be grateful for these photographs. And so will your kids! 


Saying Good-bye

Taking time from the busyness of life to photograph the reason we do it all is always a special gift but the value increases significantly when you know that you are saying good-bye to a house.

It's funny how our homes hold so much for us.

Inside of them is more than physical possessions that we've carefully selected or have had handed down to us from generation to generation. They are the place that our children run around for hours inside and outside. The ones that those same kids learn every nook and cranny. As parents, we've paced back and forth in the living room while holding sick babies. We've created elaborate meals to feed our families. Our kids have built forts in every room.

Our homes are our safe place.

And when you have had memories like these and many more in them, you want to somehow trap it in a bottle. To suspend those memories, not just for yourself but for your kids who will someday want to see and remember with you this part of their lives. It was such a gift to be a part of this session. It made me take a moment to recognize those moments in my own home. Thank you for letting me be a part of it!

Sweet Moments

Inviting me into your everyday life and often vulnerable moments is never something I take lightly. I enjoy observing the sweetness of each family behind the viewfinder of my camera. It's easier for some people to "let go" and be themselves than others but the outcome is always the same: authentic moments captured. Once you start engaging in your daily activities and the things that you find to be your "normal," its easier to settle into your traditional roles and at the same time forget that I'm with you. Mostly I'm standing back and photographing how each moment unfolds while occasionally asking for the attention of a particular person or the whole family. If one person or the collective family is still struggling to be in the moment, I will guide and help facilitate a specific activity or pose. Ultimately though, I want this to be as much about your family as possible. 

 This beautiful family was so welcoming and oozed love for each other. It felt like they didn't even notice I was there with them. Their love for each other has grounded them and developed strong sense of "home" for their kids. It was a joy!


Happy Kids

There are multiple reasons that storytelling sessions are exactly what kids need. They are also something that kids want. Your house is the place that they come home to after school. Friends are often over for playdates. They celebrate their birthday there with cake and candles. It's special to them. 

It's the place that they love the most. 

It's funny how much easier it is to get kids to be themselves when they are frolicking around their yard or showing off their favorite toy. They love being at home.

Taking time to capture those moments are exactly what they are going to want someday. 

These cuties were soooo excited about having me in their home. And I loved being there.