I'm an in-home family photographer based out of Norfolk, VA. I'm a busy but happy mom of 4 adorable kids. As well as being a wife and passionate follower of the Heavenly Father, I fill my days with caring for those crazy kids. Sometimes all I feel like is a taxi driver, secretary, and chef as I care for my family. But there is so much more to it and the photographs I take help remind me what those things are. I'm quite sentimental and nostalgic and combined with my love for my family, it's what drives my desire to photograph.

Someone once told me, "Don't wish time away." That was 10 years ago and it's as relevant now as it was then. Funny thing is that back then, I was dreaming of the life I have now and I now I entertain what it will be like when my kids are more independent and need me less. But those words have stayed in my mind even in my most impatient and crazy moments, reminding me that this day with my kids will be a part of history tomorrow. Life with kids can be so demanding and it's easy to feel overwhelmed and look forward rather than celebrating what we have NOW.  These days of complete reliance on me as their mom won't last forever and soon, I guarantee, I will be longing for them. Starting tomorrow my kids could be in a new phase...and leaving behind another. My desire to photograph my family is twofold, First, I want my kids to see who they were at this part of their lives. It's almost kind of like a part of their heritage. Secondly, one day when I think back to this time in my life, I will probably wonder how in the world I survived. What were the little things that sustained me? I even look at A family photograph is a treasure all in of itself. We look at them for years to come and they are invaluable to our children and generations moving forward. Additionally, family memories are what you hold onto as time passes. It's the fuel that speaks into your being and helps shape your identity. But when memories collide with photographs, that's when the magic happens. The awe-inspiring, tear-provoking magic. I believe that when you document your real, authentic moments, it becomes far more than a family photograph. It becomes a memory. 

The photographs that I refer back to over and over are the ones that have my kids, myself, and my husband sharing real moments together. Almost all of them take place in our home. They bring me back to those days when my kids were playing for days on end in a box or when two of them spontaneously picked up a book to read with one another. There are many days that I wish I could stop time and those photographs, in a way, do exactly that. Whether it be a teary two year old, an excited child meeting a new frog friend, or a parent holding tightly to their babies...they all speak deeply to my heart. 

Home is more than a structure. It's a place of safety and warmth that you've created for your family. So many memories are made there. I strongly believe that they deserve to be seized and preserved in the form of photographs. As a momma to four young kiddos and former teacher, I'm well-versed in chaos, drama, love and excitement. It's what I do best and it's the story that I love to tell. Perhaps you can relate. Let me tell your story.